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Midway financials for third quarter

Announces more games, which is what we care about

Coin-op old-hand Midway Games has announced interesting financial results at the conclusion of the third quarter of its fiscal year. It's also changed it fiscal year end to December 31st from June 30th. If you're interesting in reading about the numbers, check out the full press release. Nothing particularly interesting is happening in either direction though, so we'll focus on the new games! The remainder of this calendar year will usher in the appearances of the following titles: on PlayStation 2, C.A.R.T Fury, Gauntlet Dark Legacy, NHL Hitz 2002, the long-awaited Spy Hunter, NFL Blitz 2002, Arctic Thunder and Legion: Legend of Excalibur. On GameCube both NFL Blitz and NHL Hitz get a "2002" outing, and the GameBoy Advance gets NFL Blitz and much earlier than that, the stonking Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 as a launch title. Finally, the Xbox welcomes NFL Blitz, NHL Hitz and Arctic Thunder. From that bunch, we'd pick Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 on the GBA. The press release is a lively one with a lot of financial data, so if you need something work-like to have an Alt-Tab away for when the boss spots you surfing the web, you could do worse than to pull that up.

Source - press release