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Sierra goes Fox hunting

Sierra picks up publishing rights for Fox Interactive games, including No One Lives Forever sequel

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Following Fox Interactive's retreat from the world of publishing, the big question was who would pick up the responsibility of distributing their games for them in future. Now we have the answer in the form of an announcement that Vivendi Universal Publishing's Sierra brand will be handling several key Fox games over the next three years. Titles included in the deal will range from a pair of new Die Hard titles and a game based on Fox TV show COPS to the Lithtech powered Aliens vs Predator 2 and a previously unannounced sequel to No One Lives Forever. This will appear on both the PC and next generation consoles, and has been in development in a secret bunker in Seattle (probably) for at least the last few months according to our informants.

As well as spawning a sequel, Monolith's kitsch first person shooter will also be migrating to the PlayStation 2 before the end of the year. And in true Tomb Raider style the console port will feature four new prequel levels featuring the young Cate Archer, back in the days when she was a thief rather than an international woman of mystery. No doubt more information on both sequel and PlayStation 2 port will be forthcoming at (you guessed it) the big E3 trade show in Los Angeles later in the month.

Source - press release

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