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Driven to PS2

Sylvester Stallone film gets bam! treatment

Do you remember a Sylvester Stallone film called "Driven"? No, you wouldn't, because it's not scheduled to hit cinemas in the USA until this weekend. Nevertheless, development/publishing outfit bam! entertainment are interested, so much so that they are developing a game of the film for PlayStation 2, due for completion in November. bam!, whose collective résumés include work on Donkey Kong Country, classic 3D romp Forsaken and Alien Trilogy, aim to convey the dangerous and exhilarating world of open-wheel driving, according to their press release. We think the idea is to make a game about spectacular racing action, crashes, flying debris and true to life car handling. Driven (the game) will supposedly harness the power of emotion engine to bring the intense emotional drama of the film to the PlayStation 2. Knock it off, guys? PR spin aside, the game does sound quite promising, with up to 5,000 polygons per vehicle, constant 60 frames per second gameplay and stupidly high speeds. There's a clever feature where leading drivers are suddenly "in the zone" and can push their cars beyond their specifications, travelling at up to 240mph. We're not too sure how that'll work in practice, but we'd be interested in trying it out. There's certainly a lot of talent on the development team behind Driven with a lot of ex-Acclaim employees and a highly distinguished Technical Director in the shape of Matt Wilkinson. If the critics don't rip Sly's new film apart too much, bam! could have a winner on their hands.

Source - press release