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THQ force their way onto GameBoy Advance

Jedi Power Battles returns, first game under multi-property publishing agreement

Granted, we weren't Lucasarts' biggest fans when they took yet another step toward soiling the Star Wars heritage with Jedi Power Battles for the PlayStation, but after a quick refresher, this writer believes the game is actually fairly suitable material for the GameBoy Advance. Developer HotGen Studios and publisher THQ will be bringing the game to GBA screens in the autumn. The release is part of a multi-property publishing deal THQ and Lucasarts have agreed. Their most recent release has been Battle for the Naboo on PC and N64, which unfortunately, like Jedi Power Battles didn't find favour with our illustrious editorial team. Nonetheless, as big Star Wars fans we certainly look forward to future titles. Jedi Power Battles, if you don't already know, is a single or two player action game where gamers take control of young Jedi and battles legions of battle droids, destroyers, assassins and other familiar Episode 1 entities. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Mace Windu are at the player's disposal, with 10 progressively more difficult levels to overcome. In other words it's perfect GameBoy fodder. That said, I for one would be far, far more interested in a conversion of SNES smash hit Super Star Wars to the virgin console rather than all this Eposide 1 tomfoolery. Ah well! (Tom, the 21st Century just rang, they were wondering when you'd be back with us... -Ed)Related Feature - Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles PSX Review

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