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Mummified hand-held

Mummy Returns to the GameBoy Colour

Sierra / Havas / Vivendi Universal Publishing / whatever they're calling themselves this week have announced that they will be publishing a GameBoy Colour title based on the soon-to-be-released action movie The Mummy Returns. Which is hardly surprising given that the movie's distributor (Universal Pictures) and the game's developer (Universal Interactive Studios) and publisher (pick a name, any name) are all owned by the same company.

The game-of-the-movie is being described as an action adventure in which you take on the role of hero Rick O'Connell, the Maji who protects the mummy's tomb, or a third character who hasn't been revealed yet. Throw in a variety of game modes and locations, a mixture of platform and action elements and set-pieces including a fight on top of a double-decker bus and "a wild blimp ride", and it should prove to be a lot more exciting and entertaining than the last abortive attempt at a Mummy game. Expect the Mummy to Return some time next month.

Source - press release