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Memory prices are not set to rise

Fluctuations in price not due to increase in demand

The question on everyone's lips over the last few weeks has been whether memory prices are on the up. According to a report on The Inquirer, memory prices are fluctuating at the moment because the big memory companies are trying to reduce stock. In all likelihood, say Korean analysts Daishin Securities, it will be another six months or so before DRAM prices start increasing again. Memory prices slipped to an all-time low recently, with 128Mb of standard PC133 SDRAM going for as little as £30. The reason for this drop is underselling to OEMs, who haven't needed as much DRAM in light of poor Christmas sales. Companies like Bolton-based Scan and have been rolling in excess memory and have flogged it on the cheap since the New Year. So in other words, it's good news for the consumer. 256Mb of RAM can be a big boost for gamers, particularly those using Windows 2000 as an operating system. Coupled with a cheap KT133A motherboard and Athlon, it's never been a better time to upgrade. Performance memory is well-priced too, with 128Mb of PC133 CAS2 Crucial SDRAM going for just over £40 here. Related Feature - Performance Memory Showdown

Source - The Inquirer

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