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CTW People Awards

Results, and the after show party

Computer Trade Weekly's annual People Awards were finally unveiled on Tuesday, with the esteemed aid of Peter Kaye, some alternative comedian bloke. Approximately 1,000 people showed up for the ceremony, which was followed by an after-show get together that saw developers and their ilk from all over the country dancing to the strains of current chart-toppers and drinking copious amounts of Vodka. CTW's Rob Fahey informs us that the event was "a hell of a lot more fun than the Oscars", saying that "This was a proper bloody party - the games industry can outdrink film stars any day of the week!" Mr Fahey proceeded to pass out on a nearby sofa, nursing what was described as the mother and father of all hangovers. The awards covered all manner of achievements, including Developer of the Year, which went to Free Radical Design, the chaps behind PS2 smash TimeSplitters, and Journalist of the Year, which went to Owain Bennallack of Computec's "Develop" magazine. There was even a Ligger of the Year award, which went to Tim Wapshott of The Times for his ability to blag free booze, trips abroad and basically act like a party animal. Here's the list of winners, in all its glory.

Journalist of the Year: Owain Bennallack (Develop) Store Manager of the Year - Multiple: Neil Bainbridge (HMV) Best Independent Outlet/Store: Computer Exchange Developer of the Year: Free Radical Design PR Executive of the Year: Steve Starvis (Eidos) Marketing Executive of the Year: Sarah Westwood (Infogrames) Sales Person of the Year: Michael Rotchell (Konami) Buyer of the Year: Doug Bone (HMV) Outstanding Contribution to the Industry: Geoff Brown (Kaboom) Ligger of the Year: Tim Wapshott (The Times)

The after-show party will live in infamy not only for most of the development community, who spent yesterday nursing hangovers, but even for EuroGamer staffers who journeyed from afar for a bit of boogying. Word has it they were seen embarrassing themselves on the dancefloor well into the early hours. But then you're never past it, are you?

Source - CTW