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Soldier of Fortune returns

Raven and Activision to release sequel to notoriously gory first person shooter

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One of the worst kept secrets in the gaming industry has finally been confirmed, with the official announcement that Raven are working on a sequel to their first person shooter Soldier of Fortune. Set in the present day and loosely based on the real-life exploits of "military consultant" John Mullins, the original game was probably most notable for its excessively gory graphics and the ability to blast away people's arms, legs and heads with gruesome realism. Perhaps unsurprisingly this led to an 18+ rating from ELSPA here in Europe, while the Canadian province of British Columbia went as far as trying to classify it as an adult movie!

"The original Soldier of Fortune broke new ground with its unrelenting action and gritty portrayal of combat", is the spin that Activision's Larry Goldberg puts on the controversy. "In the sequel we want to extend the experience with more accurate damage modelling, detailed environments and a strong emphasis on realism."

The first game was based around a heavily modified version of the ageing Quake II engine, and Raven are sticking to what they know best by licensing the latest Quake 3 technology from id Software to form the heart of the sequel. New features will include the ability to drive vehicles ranging from armoured trucks to helicopters, improved stealth options, and of course Soldier of Fortune's now traditional location-based damage system for all those golden "popping a cap in his ass" moments that fans of the game have come to know and love. For the squeamish amongst us, there will be a parental lock option to reduce the gore for more impressionable minds. Expect to see the game on shelves early next year.

Source - press release

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