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Starcraft : Special Edition?

Blizzard to release Starcraft cinematics on DVD

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth (witness the multiple re-releases of the classic Warcraft games down the years), Blizzard have revealed that they will be cashing in one more time on their ever-popular sci-fi strategy game Starcraft. While the game's graphics were hardly state of the art even when it was first released, one area in which it did excel was the pre-rendered cutscenes, always a strongpoint for Blizzard, who walked away with the best cinematography gong at our recent Gaming Globe 2001 Awards for their work on Diablo II.

Now the company is bundling all of those cinematics from Starcraft and the Brood War add-on together and remastering the whole lot for DVD, with a grand total of 36 minutes of "cinema-quality digital animation", along with a director's commentary audio track, cinematic trailers for all of their recent and forthcoming games (including Warcraft III) and a selection of original artwork and storyboards used in the making of the Starcraft cinematics. Sure to be a hit with hardcore Blizzard fanatics (and there's a lot of them out there), the DVD is available for $14.95 (about £10) from Blizzard's online store.

Check here for the full details.

Thanks - PlanetDiablo