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Infogrames snaffle M:I-2 license

This is your product, should you choose to accept it

Infogrames plan to release games based on a Mission: Impossible 2 license in the fall of 2002, the company said yesterday. The license, from Viacom Consumer Products, gives the publisher full rights to exploit one of last year's top-grossing summer movies, M:I-2, using its characters and storyline. The deal will see the publishing giant release several games, two of which have been confirmed for PlayStation 2 and Xbox respectively. Infogrames released a series of Mission: Impossible games based on the first movie using various consoles, and it seems those went down well enough for them to be considered the second time around. Pam Newton, VP of Viacom, said that the company "is confident the Mission:Impossible-2 game will match the movie's heart pounding action and international intrigue". Although the film took a bit of a hammering from the critics, it was good, clean fun with the enigmatic Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) performing all sorts of acrobatic stunts and craziness in a classic "save the world" scenario, directed by John Woo.

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