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Where to buy our prized motherboard

It seems that the victor in our KT133A roundup is hard to place

In our April's Marching Motherboards feature earlier in the week, we gave particular attention to IWill's latest offering, the KK266-R. In terms of support for current and future Athlons, as well as user-friendliness, we said, the KK266R is the pick of the bunch. And apparently you share our enthusiasm for it. We have been literally inundated by requests for information on where to buy the 'board, because apparently major retailers like Dabs, Insight and Simply have nothing to show for it. We contacted IWill to try and find out what's going on. At the moment, it seems, although IWill is talking to a number of people in the UK, currently it has no distributor. Which is funny, because that's definitely the shape of a KK266-R lurking next to our monitor. The only UK companies that have any hope of stocking the KK266-R it seems, are Overclockers UK (ESNet), and Computer Connections International. The former seems to be importing them, hence the price premium that we commented on in our feature, and claims that it will have stock some time next week (keep checking this page for details), whereas the latter claims that it is merely in talks with IWill about distribution. If anything is to come of the deal, it will take several weeks. All in all, then, the outlook is a little disappointing. EuroGamer's advice is to stick with our friends at OcUK, who seem to be meating out orders as quickly as they come in after moving to new premises. For the earliest possible information, we suggest you keep a watchful eye on their regularly updated news page. Related Feature - April's Marching Motherboards

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