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GoofySpy Industries?

GameSpy teams up with Disney to bring us .. "Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Search for the Journal"

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Image credit: Eurogamer

GameSpy today announced that their latest client is no less than Disney, who are producing a free multiplayer game with the ominous title "Atlantis : The Lost Empire - Search for the Journal". Gameplay is expected to involve wandering around Disney's office poking at delicately balanced piles of paperwork, asking everybody you meet "have you seen my clue, I saw it here a minute ago". Probably.

Search for the Journal is described as a prequel to the forthcoming Atlantis animated movie, and will no doubt also act as a trailer for the full game of the movie ("Trial by Fire") which is expected to hit store shelves on May 15th in the US. As well as being based on the new technology, Search will also be hosted by the Los Angeles based company. GameSpy founder Mark Surfas somehow managed to keep a straight face while saying that "consumers have always looked to Disney to create their most immersive entertainment experiences", adding "good creative content transcends media platforms, and we are delighted to be part of the Atlantis experience Disney Interactive is delivering".

Cynicism aside, Search for the Journal should be launching some time later this month, so be sure to keep an eye on the GameSpy website for more details if you fancy a closer look...

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