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GBA Accessories list grows

Action Replay-alike GameShark next in line

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Although rather unheard of over here, the "GameShark" series of devices has been performing Action Replay-like functions on various systems for several generations in the States. The company behind the device, InterAct Accessories, has just confirmed that it is working on a GameBoy Advance version, due to retail at $39.99 at the American launch of the console. It's not as if the GameShark is a poor younger brother either. InterAct claim to have sold over three million of the things for the original GameBoy, and the GBA version will come loaded with codes so that gamers can "enhance" their titles. Enhance is the right word - InterAct seem more focused on obtaining hidden weapons, levels, characters and easter eggs than they do on giving the player infinite lives or other cheats. The GameShark for GBA will ship with an easy-to-use graphical user interface on the GameBoy side, as well as Windows compatible software and a 6-foot USB cable. The idea behind the latter is that the website can be used in conjunction with the software to sustain gamers with more codes "as they're discovered". InterAct expect the GameShark to do them stirling business, something they are no stranger to. The company recently scored a major accessories deal with Microsoft to produce gamepads, arcade sticks, racing wheels and more for the much-anticipated Xbox. Related Feature - Microsoft accessorize

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