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Rage get kicks out of Beckham

Manchester United star to help in the development of new footy franchise

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Development and publishing firm Rage Software has secured a deal that will allow them to develop games centred around Manchester United and England football star David Beckham. Arguably one of the most accomplished football players in the world, Beckham is a key asset to the new range of titles, and will be helping in the development with motion capture and whatnot. Speaking in a press release, Paul Finnegan, Rage's MD said that "David Beckham is without doubt one of the finest footballers in the world today and we are delighted to be developing and publishing David's only officially endorsed range of computer and video games. Rage has had a long history in creating excellent soccer game titles and we believe that, through the association with David, we can create a long term strong and global game franchise." Rage have been noted for a lot of quality software recently, with "Hostile Waters" making waves (ha!) and "B17 - Flying Fortress - The Mighty 8th" earning all sorts of awards for detail and realism. It is expected that the much anticipated "Eurofighter Typhoon" will cause quite a stir as well. The addition of a David Beckham franchise can only strengthen the firm's character in a tough industry. Related Feature - Hostile Waters Review

Source - MCV

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