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Pikachu, I ban you

Saudi Arabia bans Pokemon

Saudi Arabia's Higher Committee for Scientific Research and Islamic Law has apparently banned Pokemon games and cards in Islam's homeland, claiming that they have "possessed the minds" of children. Given reports last year of children here in the UK beating each other up in playgrounds and robbing stores to get more of the addictive trading cards, they're probably not far wrong there.

Rather more controversial are claims that Pokemon promotes Zionism, apparently on the grounds that some of the cards include a Star of David, a traditional Jewish sign. And with the presence of crosses and symbols from Japanese Shintoism as well, the Saudis have decided that enough is enough and this evil must be stopped. If only other governments would follow their lead, perhaps we would be rid of the horrible spikey yellow creature and his friends.

This latest development comes on the heels of renowned psychic Uri Geller threatening legal action against Nintendo last year over their depiction of a pyschic Pokemon called Yun Geller which carries giant spoons in its hands, and has what looks suspiciously like an SS symbol emblazoned on its chest. Oh dear...

Source - Associated Press