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Might, Magic and Army Men

Latest release information from 3DO

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The little green men are coming! No, we're not talking about alien invasion, but the imminent arrival of another flurry of Army Men titles from 3DO. The next month will see the release of a whole spate of games starring the little plastic soldiers - Lock 'n' Load and Omega Soldier on PlayStation, Green Rogue and Sarge's Heroes II on PlayStation 2, and Air Attack on PC, with another PS2 Army Men game expected in May.

3DO's other big franchise is the Might & Magic universe, which is also getting the proverbial flogging in coming months. Warriors of Might & Magic will be getting a new lease of life on PlayStation, PS2 and Gameboy Colour next week, while new Heroes Chronicles games are due to arrive on the PC in early May, and a PS2 version of Heroes of Might & Magic will also be released in May. The big one though is Legends of Might & Magic, a promising looking LithTech powered fantasy action game with a focus on online teamplay. Could this prove to be an Unreal Tournament for the elf-hugging brigade? With Legends now due for release towards the end of May, we should know soon...

Other 3DO games due out in coming months include World Destruction League : Thunder Tanks on PS2 and Gameboy Colour (April 6th), World Destruction League : WarJetz on PlayStation and PS2 (May 25th and June 29th respectively), and Portal Runner on PS2 and Gameboy (June). For all the latest release date information on over a hundred PC titles due for release within the next year, check EuroGamer's comprehensive UK release date list.

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