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EON Digital secure Stunt GP

The "ultimate Next Generation racer" to be published by UK firm EON

EON Digital Entertainment has secured the PAL distribution rights for the PC and Dreamcast versions of Team 17's "Stunt GP". EON are a leading UK publisher of games on all formats, and intend to release the game later this month, in light of critical acclaim from parties who have seen it and who have deigned to give the game the honourary title of "ultimate Next Generation racer". Journalists in the UK should receive copies later this week, with the gaming hitting stores this or next Friday according to trade magazine MCV. According to the press release, the infamous creators of the Worms franchise have "worked to create a game featuring high-octane action, stunts galore and state-of-the-art aesthetics, with up to four players haring across a host of gravity-defying courses in a number of remote-controlled toy vehicles." Team 17 have tried hard with Stunt GP to try and reinforce the belief that they are not simply a one-hit wonder responsible for the spineless Worms series. The official Stunt GP website is already available, with screenshots and information on the title.

Source - press release