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GBA a Breath of Fire

RPG super-title to grace handheld with its presence

A piece of RPG history is coming to the GameBoy Advance by way of Capcom. Nintendo's official GBA gameslist has included a "Breath of Fire" entry for quite some time, but it wasn't expected that we would have much more to report until the Tokyo Game Show at the end of this March. Instead, details have emerged early, that the game will be a like-for-like conversion of the original Breath of Fire to the system, albeit with a couple of upgrades. According to RPG gurus The GIA, who broke the original story, "the game will now support saving at any time and Capcom is going to take advantage of the GBA's link feature to enable item swapping between players." It is thought that Capcom will alter the visuals slightly in places so that they fit the GBA more appropriately. The Breath of Fire series is a long-running one, spanning several volumes, and each of them has met with critical acclaim, be they on SNES, PlayStation, or wherever. Are time-consuming RPGs like Breath of Fire to become the perfect antidote to long car and train journeys? Perhaps Squaresoft could re-establish their bond with Nintendo and start producing 16-bit class RPGs again. The world is certainly crying out for a mobile Chrono Trigger, for instance. According to The GIA, the Japanese release of Breath of Fire on the GBA will occur in July. We expect to hear more at the Tokyo Game Show.

Source - The GIA