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Gore Blimey!

4D Rulers release the multiplayer demo of their aspiring 3D shooter

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Gore, subtitled "The Ultimate Soldier" will be an online multi-player game with an Offline ladder system placing the player against the game's advanced AI. Developed by 4D Rulers as a competitor to the now-proven multiplayer-only first person shooters, Gore features many new and popular gaming styles, and the design brief seems to be to make an entertaining shooter. It's described as the development team's dream game, and now you can sample that dream for yourself with the 40Mb demo version that has just been released. With so many demos hitting 100Mb and above these days, 40Mb is a pleasant change. You can download it from either of the following URLs:-

download from 3D Files

download from FilePlanet

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