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Brom comes to life after death

Necrocide to feature artwork from the famous fantasy painter

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Novalogic today announced that they have signed a deal with the famous fantasy artist Brom to contribute characters and artwork to their bizarrely named gothic-tinged first person shooter "Necrocide : The Dead Must Die", which features the exploits of a vampire battling the undead. Brom's characters will apparently be used as the inspiration for many of the shambling creatures of the night which you are destroying, and he is also designing four necromancers for the game.

For those of you with an aversion to elves, Brom's artwork has featured in everything from Dungeons & Dragons rule books to the Sleepy Hollow movie poster and a variety of comics from DC and Dark Horse. "We're thrilled to be working with Brom", NovaLogic's Keith Rust beamed. "He has such a rich artistic background with dark and eerie characters that will add a whole new dimension to the gameplay."

In related news, Novalogic will this month become the latest publisher to launch a budget range, with a number of their older titles such as Delta Force, Tachyon : The Fringe, and F22 Lightning 3 being re-released in the new-style DVD packaging on Friday 23rd March. Going under the collective title "Combat Legends", initially five games will be available for just £7.99, with Delta Force 2 appearing at a mid-range £14.99.

Source - Brom press releaseCombat Legends press release

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