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Datel introduces file-sharing service for PS2

But of course, it will cost you extra for the privilege

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We've got a lot of time for Datel. Their Action Replay peripherals have long been a staple requirement in our collective gaming diet. Ever since the Super Nintendo in fact (and no doubt before), they have unlocked tricks and easter eggs in all our favourite games, and allowed our imported games to run flawlessly. Today sees the announcement of Datel's new "X-Port" for PlayStation 2, which is set to complement the powerful Action Replay 2 device, allowing gamers to store game saves on their PC's hard-drive (via a USB interface). The device also allows players to exchange any PS2 media, including Yabasic files, and game saves can now be exchanged at Datel's portal site, The system supports Windows 98 or above, and of course you must have a memory card to attach to the device. The X-Port's PC software allows you to load, save, delete, edit and exchange game saves using the hard-drive as the storage facility. You can even send saves to other X-Port users as email attachments, or back them up on other media like CDRs and floppy disks. Datel's marketing manager Grant Hughes points out the potential for the device, citing MTV Music Generator as an example. "Just think," he says, "soon you'll be able to exchange entire songs you've created". X-Port, which is a completely separate utility to the Action Replay 2, costs £29.99, which incidentally is the same price as an 8Mb memory card, and can be purchased at stores up and down the country or at, Datel's online facility. Also due out from Datel this month are a USB keyboard and USB radio, both for PlayStation 2. Related Feature - Cheat!

The Datel X-Port for PlayStation 2

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