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To Earth, and Beyond!

Westwood announce new massively multiplayer space faring RPG

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Westwood have jumped on the massively multiplayer bandwagon, today confirming the long-standing rumours that they were working on a new game titled "Earth And Beyond". Due out later this year, the game will allow you to be "a feared fighter pilot, an intrepid explorer or a savvy trader" as you fly around the galaxy in your own fully customisable spacecraft. You will also be able to land your ship and explore strange new planets in full 3D, with "hundreds of areas to explore, including planets, moons, nebulas, starports, Star Gates, black holes, [and] capital ships". It certainly sounds ambitious...

Earth, above and beyond

The game features three character classes - trader, explorer and warrior - with nine variations, and each profession will have hundreds of missions to take part in. "In Earth and Beyond, exploration and trading are just as important as fighting, and your character can grow quite nicely with a minimum of combat, though there will be plenty of fighting if that's what you like", according to producer Eric Wang. For more details, check the newly opened Earth And Beyond website.

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