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New Core release dates

Latest information on Project Eden, Herdy Gerdy, Thunderhawk III

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Core Design are probably always going to be best known as the brains behind the Tomb Raider phenomenon and sculptors of Lara's expansive chest. But there is a lot more to Core than that, and we have just received an update on some of the other titles which are currently under development at the British-based company. First up is third person action-adventure game Project Eden, which has been pushed back to a September release for both PC and PlayStation 2. This was done because Core wanted "to give it a bit more development time", and also to allow the PlayStation 2 to gain a wider installed base.

The other two titles we know about are Herdy Gerdy (an interesting looking PlayStation 2 title now due for release some time in October) and Thunderhawk III (an "arcade-style classic" revamped for Sony's new console - "all-singing, all-dancing and with all-new gameplay features"). We're hoping to have more information and screenshots from Thunderhawk within the next week, so stay tuned for more details!

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