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Take 2 announce promising financial results

Like THQ before them, and allegedly Eidos tomorrow, Take 2 have announced promising turnover and net profit figures

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Take 2, the company that brought us early PlayStation 2 hits "Midnight Club" and "Smuggler's Run", as well as the almost-great "Oni" on PC and PS2, has announced its financial results for the first quarter today. THQ announced lively financial results last week, and rival Eidos is expected to post record-breaking profits tomorrow based on the success of its million-selling TV cash-in, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Elsewhere, 3DO's profits were down thanks largely to failures on the GameBoy Color platform, and the company is said to have laid off 20% of its staff as a result. According to MCV, who brought us news of the Take 2 announcement, the company is showing turnover at $131m compared with $123m in the same quarter a year ago, whilst net profits are $7.8m compared with $4.8m a year ago. Although the company highlights its PS2 titles as key to its results, many have suggested that because of the PlayStation 2's droopy launch last year, Take 2's titles have suffered along with the rest. Back-catalogue sales and Oni's popularity may account for more of the sales than the PS2 titles, despite what the company says. With forays into WAP technology, a partnership with Gameplay and great new titles on the way including Gangsters 2 though, Take 2's second quarter results will likely be just as impressive, if not more. Related Feature - 3DO Announces Results

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