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EON Digital to publish PS2 footy title

Known as "Greatest Striker" in Japan, developed by Taito and fit for release this Spring

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Although the weather might not be Spring-like just yet, the resurgeance of interest in football titles most certainly is. EON Digital, for example, have just announced their first PlayStation 2 title, released as "Greatest Striker" in Japan but likely to see a rebadging before being unleashed onto European territories. The game, developed by Taito, features two distinctive control sets, making it accessible to gamers of all skill levels. At first, beginners may want to assign pass, shoot and tackle to one single key to make control as simplistic as possible, leaving the game's artificial intelligence to decide which action to take. Once players progress to more advanced levels, they can access the advanced setting, which allows a greater range of actions such as chip passes and through balls. Through the game's World Ranking Mode players can see just how good they and their team really are, and this is not just based on the amount of goals they can score either - each team is awarded a score dependant on the actions of players during the match. The basis for this score will be how many goals were scored, how well timed the tackles were and how many passes were completed successfully. EON promise a dedicated website to allow gamers to post their World Ranking Mode scores, comparing them to those of gamers all over the world. The game will also feature over 40 international teams, real-time weather effects, extremely detailed players who will react realistically to each and every situation, all sorts of cup and league modes and support for up to four players.

Source - press release

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