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MGS2 Story Details

The playable MGS2 demo brings new plot and character information to the table

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It seems that several websites have gotten their hands on advanced copies of "Zone of Enders", Konami's latest release in Japan, which comes with a fully-featured Metal Gear Solid 2 demo. The demo features a short section of the beginning of the game, which we glimpsed first during the promotion movie at E3 and ECTS last year. The opening FMV sequence is apparently remarkable, and reveals Snake's cosy, figure-hugging camouflage outfit remains as he smokes a cigarette, but it becomes rather redundant as the entire first section of the game is set on a cargo ship, which he boards via the George Washington Bridge and a Goldeneye-style bungee cord. New character details have also emerged, including news that Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich, whose name will ring a faint bell with fans of the original, is a major player this time around. The demo doesn't make it clear whether or not Revolver Ocelot and Gurlukovich are gunning for the same side, but their relationship will no doubt be as bubbly as ever. According to The GIA, the knife-throwing girl seen in the movies is Olga Gurlukovich, the Colonel's pregnant daughter. We hope to have our own copy of Z.O.E. which includes the demo disc very soon. Stay tuned for more.

Source - IGN and The GIA

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