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Infogrames terminates opposition?

French behemoth may have met its match, in the form of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Following on from the spate of Infogrames stories yesterday, which saw the monolithic French publisher picking up rights to the classic Peanuts cartoon strip and TV series "La Femme Nikita", today sees rumours emerging that the company is now trying to get its hands on "The Terminator" franchise. Ocean published a series of games based on the first two Terminator movies before being absorbed by Bruno and the boys in 1996. Now Infogrames are reportedly trying to extend those rights to include games based on "Terminator 3", which could be in cinemas as early as next year, and a possible fourth movie in the series.

While many movies have been turned into diabolically bad games over the years (we try to forget the likes of "Men In Black" and "ET"), the Terminator series has fared rather well, with releases including the groundbreaking but sadly overlooked first person shooter "Terminator : Future Shock". Whether Infogrames can bring something equally spectacular to the franchise remains to be seen, but it will certainly be interesting to see whether this rumour pans out. Meanwhile other reports suggest that Infogrames are also making a grab for "Men In Black 2" and "Mission Impossible 2"...

Source - Yahoo news