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"I'm not dead yet"

Infogrames American COO suggests that reports of the PC's imminent death are a little premature

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Every time a new console system is announced there soon follows a chorus of industry "experts" proclaiming the imminent demise of our beloved beige boxes. With not one but two new console systems due to be released in Europe next year, and another one just recently arrived, reports that the PC gaming industry is dead are once again on the rise. Yves Legris, COO of Infogrames US, is sceptical though.

"I'm not ready to declare that the PC games market is in a slow and steady decline, but I do think it is transforming", Yves told Daily Radar. "It still has several key attributes, including a large installed base, robust online infrastructure and all the advantages that come with an open platform. We may see certain game segments grow on the PC while others may shrink. For example, many 'casual gamer' titles work very well on the PC because of the low price point and large installed base. Also, highly sophisticated games, such as RPGs, realtime strategy games and massively multiplayer games will continue to thrive on the PC."

We're not sure if this is good news or bad...

Source - Daily Radar

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