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NVIDIA Release New Drivers

For owners of all their graphics cards, excluding those tinny magical "FX" things they bought out a few weeks ago

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Fans of NVIDIA's line of graphics cards can finally say hello to a new official release of the company's drivers, described as the "Detonator 3s," version 6.50 for Windows 9x, Windows 2000 and NT. The official website includes several download locations for the drivers, and after using them for a couple of days, we can confirm that they seem perfectly stable. If you own anything from a TNT2 to a GeForce 2 Ultra, upgrading to these reference drivers could well improve your performance and is worth considering. These drivers (and many versions succeeding them) have been available through the usual channels for some weeks now. It's still not really understood why NVIDIA leaks many of its drivers into public channels, as it is incredibly confusing to the average punter, but on the whole if you stick with the official releases you can't go wrong. With the NV20 only a matter of weeks away, we can expect another release very shortly to boot. Meanwhile, this news comes amidst rumours that NVIDIA will only support 3dfx cards up until the end of March or thereabouts. Drivers are already hard to locate, what with the official 3dfx site going up and down like a yo-yo, but if you own a 3dfx card and need to get hold of some, has quite a substantial list, and also has the more popular ones. Related Feature - 3dfx calls it quits

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