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Redundancies at Sega

Change in business strategy equates to change in needs for staff

Industry journal MCV has reported this morning that Sega intends to lay off a portion of the staff working in its European HQ. Dreamcast hardware production is set to end on March 31st the world over, and as such a number of positions are having to be axed. Although the company was eager to play down this morning's announcement, it was quite inevitable at the outset that there would be losses - the business strategy changes undergone at Sega equate to the requirement of an entirely different staff. Details of who and how many jobs have been lost are scant, but MCV is claiming that the entire third party division, including the tech-support team, translators and other staff have been given P45s with their morning coffee. An official statement from the company was issued as follows: "Earlier today Sega Europe announced a restructuring of its business to enable us to go forward to an exciting future with a focus on software. This has lead to a number of job losses which are to be regretted. However, Sega Europe is now leaner and fitter and ready for the challenges ahead." Related Feature - Sega to become platform-neutral, Team up with Palm