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Infogrames Acquires Hasbro

The Interactive arm of Hasbro Incorporated falls into the French publisher's lap

Publishing giant Infogrames yesterday announced that their acquisition of Hasbro Interactive from its parent company Hasbro Incorporated has now been completed. Commenting on the deal, Bruno Bonnell, chairman and CEO of Infogrames said that "the completion of the acquisition is extremely exciting for us, as it fits perfectly with our corporate strategy of building the premier publisher of digital interactive entertainment for the whole family". Thanks to its library of over 250 games, he said in the company's prepared statement, Infogrames "felt that Hasbro Interactive was an ideal partner". The deal was first announced in December, and sees Infogrames swallowing all of Hasbro Interactive's assets, including the Atari and Microprose brands, Games.com and a long-term licensing agreement with Hasbro Incorporated to develop games based on Hasbro's future properties. Atari are of course the company behind many classic arcade games stretching back to Asteroids and Frogger, while the seminal Grand Prix series was released under the Microprose label.