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MechWarrior 4 release date confirmed

Looking for the next in the now-Microsoft-branded Mech series? Cast your eyes this way!

Japanese Mech games really do rock. Take "Virtua On" on the Dreamcast for example; whoever the heck came up with that should be congratulated at length. "MechWarrior 4" offers a slightly Westernized interpretation of the Mech, but nonetheless it boasts an in-depth storyline and a bizarre intergalactic war setting to boot. The 3D graphics engine has been entirely redone for the latest installment, so your 40 foot, 80 ton, 90 mile-an-hour war machine won't look too shabby.

Today's good news is that we finally have a confirmed release date for the game over here, February 2nd, and Microsoft's games department has launched a UK website at to keep you occupied until that day (note: your mileage may vary). There is also word of a forthcoming competition set to debut on the site, in which you will be able to win the chance to blow up a building, although sadly this is likely to involve a large amount of high explosives and a big red button rather than a real live mech with laser cannons and rocket launchers.

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