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Barrysworld closes

Shock announcement from popular British gaming service provider

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Less than a year after announcing a multi-million pound investment deal, Barrysworld today revealed that they have already burnt through all of their money and may be forced to shut down operations within days. In a statement earlier, Barrysworld's TedTheDog announced that the company "has gone into voluntary liquidation as we're running out of money and with the market in its current state we've not found anyone prepared to fund our 2nd round of investment".

Although numerous gaming related dot.coms have shut down in recent months, Barrysworld would be one of the biggest casualties to date. Their gaming servers have often been amongst the most popular in the country, and they also run IRC servers, messageboards and online leagues which have become an important part of the UK Quake community in recent years. In addition they host dozens of clans, several fan sites, and the massive web-game "Planetarion". Unless a new source of funding is found, the company will cease trading on February 5th and all of these services will shut down.

Could this be the end for Barrysworld? No doubt we will know more over the next week or two as the deadline approaches.

Source - press release

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