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Collect a Settler

Blue Byte's popular "Settlers" strategy game series spawns a range of collectible figures

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Computer games and dolls action figures seem to go hand in hand, with a whole range of merchandising tat available. Everything from Starcraft and Diablo to Quake and Duke Nukem have given rise to action figures of varying quality, and now German publisher Blue Byte are getting in on the act with a fearsome foursome of "collectible figures" representing characters from their Settlers series. Apparently the series has shifted some 2.7 million units worldwide over the years, and from January 19th lucky Europeans will have the chance to get their mits on Roman, Asian, Egyptian and Amazon characters from the games, with the full collection of four figures setting you back £15 in the UK. Meanwhile American and Canadian gamers can pre-order the figures for $20 from the Blue Byte DIRECT online store. The fourth installment in the Settlers series, imaginatively titled "The Settlers IV", is due for release in February.

Source - press release

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