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Crawfish Wings its way to the GameBoy

British developer to bring classic flight sim to GameBoy Advance

As well as being the name of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney's backing band, "Wings" was also the title of a World War One arcade-style flight sim from Cinemaware released back in the late 1980s (That was atrocious -Ed). Now British developer Crawfish have announced that they are teaming up with the recently re-formed Cinemaware to bring the classic game to the GameBoy Advance. Given that there were pictures of a bi-plane flying over fields and hedges amongst the screenshots of the tech demos that Crawfish created for Nintendo's new hand-held gaming system last year, the announcement that they are working on Wings doesn't come as a huge surprise, but we do now know a little more about what they have in store for us...

Set during the final years of the war from 1916 to 1918, the campaign will include in excess of 200 missions following the "triumph and tragedy of an entire squadron" of allied fighter pilots, with a full range of dogfighting, bombing and strafing activities to indulge in as you take on the Hun over the skies of war-ravaged France. As you battle your way through the campaign you will earn promotions and commendations, with a diary recording your exploits. Biggles fans can don their leather caps and goggles now.

Source - press release

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