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Quake III Server Patched

Holes plugged, bugs fixed, compatability intact

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A new server update for Quake III Arena was released early this morning to plug some holes and fix some bugs that were still outstanding after the release of 1.27g. The new version, 1.27h helps fix the "handicap exploit," which some unruly tricksters were using to disrupt games last week. Also, a problem with the bot routing (presumably in light of the radical changes in the recent official updates), has been sorted out, and thanks to some creative reprogramming, Id claim users may experience anything up to a 20 frames per second improvement over the old patches. Make that "very creative". Id's Robert Duffy updated his plan on the subject, pointing out that they have "put up 1.27h as a BETA". After some previous confusion, this clarification is welcomed. "It is a .exe only release primarily intended for server administrators but it should be OK for client use as well." The message seems to be "update if you want to, there should be no harm in it," but Id are of course covering their bases. Finally, he urges users to "forward any issues or problems to" You can download the patch from the following locations:-

download from 3dFiles

download from Fileplanet

- Quake 3 v1.25 - Stop Fiddling!

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