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Synaptic Soup go Crazy

British developer formed by the core team behind oddball action-strategy game "Evolva" announce their debut game

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Formed last year by core members of the team at Computer Artworks responsible for organic action-strategy game "Evolva", Synaptic Soup announced their impressive looking new "Cipher" technology early on but remained quiet about the games they would be using it for. Now the veil of secrecy has slipped to reveal a peek at "Crazy Car Championship", the first game to use the company's cross-platform engine.

Described as "Jules Verne meets Flash Gordon in The Cannon Ball Run", the game lets you design your own bizarre vehicles ranging from "steam-powered hovercrafts to quantum powered hot-rods", and then provides you with a series of curvaceous courses to race them around. The first screenshots of the game certainly look highly promising, with plenty of wide open spaces, brightly coloured textures, and an almost organic feel to the scenery. Expect to hear more about the game over the coming months...

Source - press release

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