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Half-Life refuses to die

Publisher Havas pat themselves on back

According to a press release that we just received from Havas Interactive UK, the company's Half-Life franchise has now provided the publisher with a massive 300,000 sales within the UK alone. These figures include Valve's "Half-Life" itself in all its various incarnations, as well as the official add-on pack "Opposing Force" and multiplayer version "Counter-Strike". With both Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 versions of the game already announced and due for release this year, it seems that the game (now over two years old) still has lot of life in it. Whether they can keep the old warhorse warm long enough to keep us busy until the arrival of "Team Fortress" remains to be seen, but don't be too surprised if you see "Half-Life : Diamond Edition" and an enhanced Xbox version of the game appearing over the next year or two...

Source - press release