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Pre-Christmas Releases

The last shopping days before Christmas introduce some interesting new toys to the market!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Looking for something to keep your occupied during your Gran's unavoidable Christmas visit? Or perhaps anything to avoid the Queen's bloomin' speech? Can't say I blame you, I myself shall be tucked up warmly playing Shenmue while the old bat witters on. So what's on offer this week? According to the latest information we have... quite a bit! The PlayStation says hello to 007 Racing, and Burstrick from JVC, and its big brother the PS2 meets up with F1 Racing Championship and Surfing H30. Dreamcast owners can rush down to their local games emporium and collect the original Dino Crisis (in all its DC-souped up goodness), Resident Evil: Nemesis and Stunt GP, while GameBoy owners can console themselves with Jimmy White's Snooker. PC owners won't be bored either, with at least one high profile release today; Alice from Electronic Arts, the demo of which came out just recently. Coupled with the recently released No-One Lives Forever and Project IGI, it's going to be a good Christmas for PC gamers, and gamers everywhere in fact.

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