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Unintelligible Imports? Pah!

Phantasy Star Online becomes the most import-friendly RPG ever

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If you've ever been put off from importing the latest release of your favourite game from Japan because you feared the language barrier would render it unplayable, then this update is for you. We had always assumed that Phantasy Star Online, Sega's multiplayer RPG for the Dreamcast would allow users from each company to have certain phrases used by their online friends translated, but apparently the game also includes the option to run the game itself in any of the five supported languages! As such, importing a copy from Japan will make no nevermind to practically everybody, as they can simply switch it to run in English. Genius. Of course, you can't just run an import Dreamcast game on a PAL system, either you will need the legendary Dreamcast boot disk (readily available) or you will need some form of Action Replay-like device or chip to help. We don't really advocate the use of import titles, but if you don't want to wait, there is no other option. Naturally, it's slightly more work getting the game to dial Japan from the UK! And I don't think anyone is likely to recommend you do that.

Source - IGN

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