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Spider-Man Comes to Dreamcast

Does whatever a Sony can!

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The PlayStation version of Spider-Man looks set to receive a conversion to the Dreamcast thanks to developers at Treyarch LLC. The action/adventure title from Neversoft met with critical acclaim earlier this year, and it's hardly surprising that publishers Activision are eager to seize upon its popularity by releasing it on alternative formats. Larry Goldberg, executive VP of Activision had this to say: "Spider-Man for the PlayStation game console wowed both gamers and critics alike by capturing the true essence of the comic book series. The swift action of the web-slinging super hero will translate well onto Dreamcast with its 128-bit graphics capability." It looks as though this will be a like-for-like conversion, with improved visuals and audio courtesy of the Dreamcast's updated hardware. Rumours of a second-generation Spider-Man title in development at Neversoft for the PS2 once again went unanswered. We will be surprised if there's nothing to them. Related Feature - Spider-Man Review

Source - IGN

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