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PS2 Incompatible with PS2 Games

We're not making this stuff up, either

I believe the expression starts "of all the stupid things they could do..." For some reason, the new revision of the PlayStation 2 that we reported on last week is incompatible with as many as five of the machine's titles. The new version shipped in Japan on the 8th of December, and although Konami and the other affected developers have pledged to reship any games that exhibit problems, anyone buying a console and one of the games in question in the run up to Christmas will likely be stung. Imagine opening your present on Christmas morning only to discover two or three incompatible games. We fear for the poor little Japanese mites. As for Sony, they are claiming it is the fault of the incompetent software developers. If we're honest, that's quite sickening. Yet another instance of Sony blaming its problems on the software. Didn't they do this before when they realised the PS2 didn't work completely with the PSX back catalogue, as they had claimed? European and American users are unlikely to be affected by this problem, unless they have imported their consoles in the very recent past. Meanwhile, DailyRadar reports that the N64 is outselling the PS2 in Japan week by week thanks to some "lacklustre software". Don't you start! Related Feature - Japan to receive PlayStation 2 MK.2