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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Team Arena Amendments

Apparently there are quite a few things the average power user will want to know, but won't find in the "finished" retail copy. Quelle surprise.

If you have been fortunate enough to acquire a copy of Team Arena yet, then there are a few things the boys at Id Software would like you to know. I suppose this is what they call post-release support, but 'omissions' is a much better word, we think. First up is the server batches; something many operators will require as a form of template to get them going, and with the game not having been supplied to operators prior to release, they will need them quickly, or else watch thousands of gamers running around like headless chickens with nowhere to go. If you run a server and need the batches, grab them here from Quake3World, apologies courtesy of Paul Jaquays. And this, falling into the category of an unconfirmed bug rather than an omission is Christian Antkow's latest .plan update. According to Christian, he's "received a few emails about people saying that the Offense and Defense voice chats don't appear to be working properly," but being a helpful fellow he's putting them right and explaining how the voice chat commands actually work in TA, also. Another Id'er who has updated recently is Robert Duffy, however his update will be no doubt provide lots of fun for people with slightly older machines. His update allows one to play Quake III without using MMX, something that owners of older machines like the Pentium Pro will appreciate. Related Feature - Quake 3 patch finally released