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Oni Demo

The time for talk is over - get stuck into this meaty demo of the improved Oni

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Image credit: Eurogamer

AVault and Bungie have pulled a fast one and sprung a demo of Oni upon the world. Weighing in at 67Mb the demo supports Direct3D, but scant little information is available other than that. The download sites have been up for a while, so UK-based gamers should have little trouble pulling it down. We've featured Oni quite a lot on EuroGamer overs the past year, including two previews, one shortly after ECTS when the game was decidedly unfinished, and one just recently in light of new information on the PS2 version. The game has shown a lot of promise throughout its development, despite some tumultuous goings-on with its developers. If you fancy a piece of the action, you can grab the demo from one of the following locations:-

download from 3D Downloads

download from Adrenaline Vault

download from Demo News

download from Fileplanet

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