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Sony Get Drunk, Announces Games

Japanese bash heralds big surprises for the assembled press, probably not in the order above though

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If closet alcopops drinkers IGN are to be believed, Sony's parties these days are big, flamboyant and incredibly luxurious, with as much liquor and beer as you can drink - so that's half a pint in their case. Their latest bash in a glitzy studio in Tokyo revealed some 14 titles in development including two totally new games. The newbies included SCEI-developed "Rimococoron", a sort of God game where you meddle with the lives of people in a busy city - we can only assume at this point that it's a God game; Sony claim it defies current generic boundaries. We'll see. The other title announced was "Toro to Kyuujitsu", the first game in the Doco De Mo Isho series. Games on display also included "ZOE", "Metal Gear Solid 2", "Para Para Paradise" and "World Soccer Winning Eleven 5" from Konami, "Onimusha" from Capcom, "Monster Farm" from Tecmo, "Ace Combat 4" (working title) from Namco, as well as "Space Venus Starring Morning Musume" and of course "Gran Turismo 3" from Sony themselves. All the big developmental names were in attendance telling people about their products, and lots was seen of the games in action. Screenshots can be found at IGN.

Source - IGN

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