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Console Releases

It's a big day for new games, so thaw out that Grand Parent and send them Christmas shopping!

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Fans of all the major consoles will have some cause for a shopping frenzy today, with the release of several key games in the run up the Christmas. The newly launched PlayStation 2 can look forward to "Disney's Dinosaur," a game for the kids no doubt, as well as "Midnight Club", the second of Take2's entertaining new racing titles. Following on from a fortnight ago's release of "Smuggler's Run," the game invites you to take part in nocturnal street races, battling for money and bragging rights. Also feeding from the racing trough today is the Dreamcast's "POD 2". The original was a big seller because of its use of Intel's fledging "MMX" technology - yes, it really was that long ago - and the sequel looks magnificent. We shall see though, eh? If you're a Dreamcast fan you may find yourself doing a lot better than PS2 owners this Christmas, as we have tried to emphasize here time and again. This week for instance, heralds the releases of the long-awaited "Quake III Arena", "Dino Crisis", "Super Runabout" and "UEFA Dream Striker". The latter there is the latest from Silicon Dreams, and from first impressions we would say it's as good as its predecessors, although still not quite up there with FIFA. They are very different games, mind. Even the N64 is boasting a couple of new releases this week, with "Quack Attack" (ahem) and "James Bond: The World Is Not Enough". There's one the world's been crying out for. Related Feature - Smuggler's Run Review

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