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Console Quake III Wars

The Dreamcast version is almost here, but how close is the PS2 version?

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It's been quite a week for fans of Quake III, and there is no sign of it letting up. The Babbages' CPL tournament on Sunday was a sight to see, with lots of matches going down to the wire, and later this week we will finally be getting our hands on Quake III Dreamcast. Or at least, you will be, we've had it for nearly a week now! Is it good, you ask? Well, it's a point of much debate; the controls are very difficult to get used to, especially if you play regularly on the PC, but on the whole it's quite a solid, nippy and surprisingly pretty conversion with quite a lot going for it in all departments. Obviously you should wait for our full review before passing judgement on whether or not to buy it... and perhaps you ought to heed the news contained in this very item, because by all accounts, a revolution is nearly upon us. Quake III: Revolution, to be exact; the PlayStation 2 incarnation of Id's ever-popular FPS. EBWorld in the States is claiming we'll see it in March 2001, and although that may be a rather optimistic estimate, it does prove two things; firstly that retailers are in contact with the publisher regularly about it (this is the first anyone's heard of the "Revolution" monker for example), and second, that it is close enough to release for e-stores to be offering it up for pre-order. What we don't know is the state of its multiplayer capabilities. Will players of the Dreamcast and PC versions be able to, ahem, 'interact', with their PS2 counterparts, or will they be reduced to their own separate playgrounds? Watch this space. Related Feature - Babbages' CPL Qualifier Coverage

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