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Spawn : In The Dreamcast's Hand

Eidos to distribute arcade action game based on the Todd McFarlane comic book "Spawn"

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eidos have announced that they will be publishing Dreamcast action game "Spawn : In The Demon's Hand", which is a port of the arcade game based on the popular Todd McFarlane comic book series. Due for release in January, Eidos will be publishing the game in Europe and Australia for Capcom. Colin Grant of Capcom Eurosoft claims that "Spawn : In The Demon's Hand has been created in conjuncture with Todd MacFarlane Entertainment, and is sure to appeal to Spawn fans or anyone looking for all-out great gameplay". With four player split-screen action and 32 characters to choose from, it may just prove to be another fun McFarlane inspired computer game, following in the wake of this year's "KISS : Psycho Circus".

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