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Timber wins!

We've been at TPF all day covering the event, and after much bloodshed and heartache, Timber has taken the title again..

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It's hardly surprising these days to find Blokey and Timber battling one another in a CPL event, and in a way it was never in doubt that the two would meet. What was annoying was that thanks to some rather unfortunate seeding, Blokey and his clanmate met very early on, where Blokey was reduced to the loser's bracket. In the final only a few moments ago, Timber defeated him again, sealing the event with a blistering performance. Word is that Blokey will still represent the UK in the Babbages CPL tournament finals though, as Timber cannot make the journey. If you weren't able to make your way down to TPF today - er, yesterday! - then make sure you check out EuroGamer's extensive live coverage, including reports on several key encounters. Demos and more are to come, check back on Monday for more.

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