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UbiSoft gets the Evil I(sland)

French publisher set to distribute the Russian role-playing game

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Russian developers Nival met with a mixed response when they released "Rage of Mages", but their new title is looking somewhat more impressive. "Evil Island" is a fully 3D role-playing game apparently offering more than a hundred hours of playing time, with three islands to explore, 120 characters to meet there, and 80 quests to take part in.

Nival had already announced that the game would be distributed by Ravensburger Interactive in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and the USA, but now UbiSoft have revealed that they have picked up distribution rights to the game in the rest of Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and overseas French-speaking countries. UbiSoft's Alain Corre is "convinced that its quality will seduce the most demanding gamers", and that "the game is definitely a potential hit". Either way we should know soon though, as the game is due for release in spring 2001 on PC.

Source - press release

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